Do you want to create your own desktops with your favourite links as you see on this basic example?

Click button and create your own account.

Then create as many desktops as you need and place your favourite, interesting, valuable or even secret links on them.
BETONIARA is the free, cloud-based internet desktop. You can configure your own Internet workspace here and use it wherever you are!
How to start using BETONIARA?
If you are new here just click REGISTER button on the upper bar and enter your desired login and password. It's recommended to use an email address as login to access some future features.
BETONIARA will remember your login information to sign you in automatically when you return here. You can set as your homepage.
How to manage desktop elements?
To add new link click Add new link button on the right side of the desktop - enter the address (you can use Copy - Paste (Ctrl-C Ctrl-V) from the browser address field). You can also name your link in the Label field.
To add new desktop (folder) click Add new desktop button and enter the desktop name. You can move links to other desktops using drag and drop.
To change link or desktop details right-click on it and select what do you want to do - open it, delete it or edit it's parameters.
You can move all icons all over the desktop using drag and drop.
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